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Cruises to Alaska

Experience the glaciers, wildlife and history of Alaska with a cruise holiday that showcases the beautiful natural wonders of America's largest state.

This epic destination is home to some of the world’s best natural sights; glaciers bigger than US states, mountains with skyscraper peaks and all creatures great and small. Alaska is a place to pursue dreams, whether it be seeing a brown bear up-close, watching whales migrate for the spring or spotting the Northern Lights dance across the mountaintops.

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Tracy arm fjord
Tracy Arm Fjord

Many ships on cruises to Alaska include the Tracy Arm Fjord on their itinerary. Lying around 40 miles south of Juneau, the region is home to wolves, bears, seals and deer, especially around the impressive twin arms of the Sawyer Glacier. Jagged bodies of ice often shear away from the blue glacier walls and crash down into the water, and beyond, pine forest covers the steep mountain slopes that surround the fjord.


The frontier town of Ketchikan is one of the most popular ports to visit on Alaska cruises. Sitting on an island off the southernmost coast of the mainland, the timber houses here stand on stilts overlooking the peaceful bay, backed by thick pine forests that stretch out to cover the mountains beyond. Come ashore and you can find out first-hand just how important fishing is to a typical Alaskan town – and learn the significance of carved totem poles in the area’s native history.


Alaska’s capital and largest town is another popular port of call on Alaska cruises. Juneau once lay at the heart of the Alaskan gold rush, and it is one of the most developed places you’ll find in this vast, wild country. For all its modern buildings and tourist-friendly facilities, though, the wilderness still definitely holds sway out here. Ice-capped mountains dwarf the town below, and whales and eagles live out in the bay - the wild is never very far away.


Another of Alaska’s gold rush towns, Skagway is a place out of history. Walk down the high street and you will be surrounded by wooden-fronted stores right out of a western – and the town is suitably proud of its pioneer heritage. Kayak in the bay, take a helicopter tour or visit the mines and railways that illustrate the town’s ambitious origins – and get to the heart of the gold rush spirit.

Alaska wildlife

The area surrounding Anchorage is a hiker’s paradise. Forests and grasslands stretch on as far as the eye can see, and the snowy mountain range backs the tall buildings in the port itself. Anchorage is the northernmost US city, and despite its remoteness, it has won the All-America City award several times for its embodiment of the American spirit. Anchorage is a real slice of frontier America, having grown out of the railroad industry, followed by military interest during the 1950s thanks to its proximity to Russia, and later booming as an oil town.

Haines and sitka
Sitka, Alaska

If you’re looking for a wilder and more secluded vision of life in Alaska, cruises to quiet ports like Haines or Sitka could be perfect for you. You might see otters during your time in Sitka, drifting belly-up in the bay while they eat. Mountain ranges tower over the town and totem poles lie hidden in the pine forests that surround it. Haines, meanwhile, is known as the adventure capital of Alaska, with rafting, kayaking and jetboat rides out on placid Chilkoot Lake. Wildlife hikes and fishing trips are available too; perfect choices for a true Alaskan adventure.

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