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We’ve grouped together this section on rest of the world cruises to help you learn more about the other regions in the world that you can see on a cruise ship that might not be visited by every cruise line. Cruise ships sail all over the world, but for some world destinations you might find they aren’t available year-round, or with one or two of the cruise lines.


Some of these destinations are large enough or have enough of an attraction that they attract regular, seasonal cruises when certain events are taking place or the weather permits. Others might be emerging destinations that you can book on a limited number of cruise lines or as part of a larger itinerary.

Of course world cruises also cover those epic voyages that many of the cruise lines operate, those that incorporate multiple continents into a single itinerary and sometimes circumvent the whole globe. These are the true luxuries of cruising, and well worth considering if you have the time available. Just call us if you need more details.

If you would like to learn more about Antarctica and South America, then you need our definitive guide to South America, Galapagos and Antarctica. Or if you want to learn more about cruises in the South Pacific, you’ll find our guide to The Far East, Middle East and Australia extremely useful.  These informative and in-depth brochures offer not only a fascinating overviews of these incredible regions but also some of their most impressive ports and cities, as well as all the exciting things you can do whilst there. So that you can get the very best out of these destinations, we’ve assembled a selection of exclusive offers, which include voyages on some of the world’s finest cruise ships as well as stays in a selection of hand-picked hotels. To order your copy, just head over to our Finest Collection page.

South Pacific

There are many great reasons to visit the South Pacific. Australia is a country of great contrast, from thriving cities packed with great modern architecture to the stunning rural sights and wildlife of areas like Kimberley, where you can see the famous Bungle Bungle ranges. You can also see the Great Barrier Reef, including great chances to try diving and seeing the underwater species that inhabit the region.


A cruise to Antarctica is only available on limited cruise lines, and is for travellers looking for a real expedition. Generally itineraries that involve Antarctica aren't set, as it depends on conditions as to where you can land. However experienced cruise operators can always create a memorable itinerary where you can see penguin colonies and magnificent glaciers, witnessing unspoiled landscapes that are a delight to behold.

South Africa

South Africa is one of the less-frequented cruise destinations in many itineraries but major operators do still include it as an option, and it offers a great mix of locations to enjoy. One of the primary attractions is the wildlife and a safari excursion is one sure to fascinate with a great range of animals to see. There are also great beaches and interesting cities to visit, including Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

South America

South America, primarily Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, are the subject of numerous cruise itineraries, with many great things to see. A specific Amazon River cruise is another renowned for wildlife, while for something completely different and an experience that will live with you, try a cruise to Brazil in February and see the world-famous Rio Carnival.

Round the World

The pinnacle of cruising, booking a round-the-world cruise lets you experience a wealth of treasures all in one holiday. Choosing a starting point, you can circumvent the globe on cruises that can last upwards of four months, which not only lets you see more destinations than you could dream of but also gives you ample time to unwind while on-board. Many cruises also break down these cruises into legs, so if you only have a certain amount of time available or you only have certain destinations you wish to see, you could stay on board for a set amount of time before departing half way through and flying back home.






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