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European Cruises 2022 & 2023

Cruises around Europe are the most popular choice for UK cruisers. From the sunshine of the Mediterranean to the stunning scenery of the Baltics, you will find so much to explore. Many European cruise holidays depart from Southampton - great for an easy start to your holiday.

Walk within the walls of history as you visit Prague’s Old Town or follow the footsteps of ancient philosophers as you climb the steps to Athens' Acropolis, taking in the wealth of cultural sights. If you are more of a foodie than a culture vulture, the menu of Europe is incredibly flavoursome! Enjoy Belgian beer, Italian ice cream, French cheese and German bratwurst, with some of the best culinary experiences in the world.

Cruises visit these regions and more, seeing some of the most popular landmarks across Europe. The Mediterranean is a playground of paradise ports, with shopping in Barcelona and sunbathing on Grecian beaches; the Baltics are home to Scandinavian splendour, including major cities such as Latvia, Germany and Finland. Why not head to Northern Europe and sail to the nation of Norway where the fjords are a visual treat for any cruisers. You can even enjoy a cruise around the British Isles, seeing many more places than possible in a land holiday of the same duration.

Cruise from the UK for as little as two or three nights and you can visit nearby countries such as Holland, Belgium and Guernsey.

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Monte Carlo

It may come as no surprise to learn that the Mediterranean is one of the world´s most popular cruise destinations. The region is often split into two halves, the western and eastern Mediterranean, both of which are home to amazing cities, ancient ruins and plenty of great modern attractions. You can sun yourself on a Greek Island or shop till you drop in Barcelona. From the south coasts of France and Spain right across to the Turkish mainland, the Mediterranean offers a truly wonderful cruise experience.


The ports of the Baltic States offer rich culture and heritage as well as the chance to see modern European life in countries that often vary greatly in attitudes and atmosphere. Over a period of seven to ten nights you can visit major cities in countries including Russia, Latvia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Estonia, with many itineraries including countries located further west, such as the Netherlands and Belgium.

Iceland - Norwegian Fjords

Cruises further north will sail to the beautiful nation of Norway. A great many cruise lines operate in Norway, some specialising in navigating the famous fjords to showcase their stunning natural beauty. The fjords make for a spectacular backdrop on any cruise holiday, as well as being a great spot to see the Northern Lights, if you are lucky. Similarly, Iceland offers gorgeous scenery and majestic towns and cities to explore. Fortunately, both countries are often included on the same itinerary.

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