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Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean cruises are, without a doubt, the most popular type of cruise for UK cruisers. Whether you want to sail from Southampton or enjoy a fly-cruise sailing from one of Europe's cities, we can find the perfect voyage for you.

From exploring the Dalmatian coastline across Croatia to enjoying tapas in Spain, the Mediterranean offers something for everyone. Head to Italy and visit the Vatican Museums where you can see one of the world's greatest art collections, or travel back to ancient Greece and see the Acropolis standing tall over the city of Athens or explore the beautiful Greek Islands. You can even cruise as far as Cyprus where you'll enjoy year-round sunshine.

The Mediterranean boasts unparalleled variety, with crystal clear beaches throughout the islands of the west to beautiful villages and harbours on both the French and Italian Riviera to the east. Travelling here is sure to leave you enduring memories of the distinctive cuisine and stunning sights.

Within the Mediterranean Sea you'll find the Adriatic Sea which separates Italy from the Balkans and the Aegean Sea which lies between Greece and Turkey - both lovely regions to enjoy a cruise.

Our expert Cruise Concierge team can search through all the available cruise line itineraries, as well as advising you on which cruise ship is best for you and your family. So, if you'd like us to help plan your perfect Mediterranean break, give us a call today.

Western mediterranean
Monte Carlo

Some truly fantastic cities characterise Western Mediterranean cruises, with visits to iconic destinations like Barcelona, Rome and Marseille often included on itineraries. Its cities and towns offer an enchanting mix of contemporary and classical architecture, along with many museums and landmarks telling the history of the region. The Mediterranean is a truly versatile region and has more than its fair share of beautiful beaches and rolling countryside to enjoy. Cruises that travel the Western Mediterranean focus on Italy, Spain, France and Monte Carlo, and often extend to Portugal and Morocco. Mediterranean itineraries can even visit the islands of Majorca, Sardinia and Corsica - giving each cruise a varied and interesting itinerary.

Eastern mediterranean

Eastern Mediterranean cruises are primarily focused around Greece, Turkey and the east coast of Italy, often including stops in Croatia, Montenegro and Malta. These cruises are perfect for sun-soaked escapes and explorations of the rich history of the area. Both Greece and Turkey are home to a wealth of incredible ancient ruins, from famous landmarks like the Parthenon and Olympia to the age-old temples found on the island of Rhodes. Malta is also well-known for being home to a wealth of historic structures and ornate churches for those with an interest in the past. Travellers looking to unwind under the sun will doubtless enjoy the many beaches and islands of the region, all blessed with some truly amazing scenery. Volcanoes, white sands, harbours and mountains combine to create a wealth of stunning locations.

Popular ports

The Mediterranean is filled with many of the world´s most popular ports of call, as well as an abundance of landmarks and historic treasures. Italy is a popular focal point of Mediterranean cruises, often featuring ports such as the amazing city of Rome and the neighbouring cities of Florence and Pisa. The culture, food, locals and history are the main attractions of these breath-taking cities. The Greek Isles are also commonly featured within Mediterranean cruises, often calling at ports such as Athens, for its ancient history; Mykonos, for its lively atmosphere; and Santorini, for its unique, rugged landscape and towns built into cliffsides. Spain´s most commonly included port of call within Mediterranean itineraries is the gorgeous city of Barcelona. With amazing architecture, fascinating history, an abundance of parks, fantastic food and shopping districts, and sandy beaches, this port incorporates a little bit of everything you could want from a holiday destination.

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