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Cruises to Scandinavia

Incorporating cruises around the Norwegian fjords and the Baltics, Scandinavian cruises showcase some of Northern Europe's most stunning scenery.

See the sights of Europe’s big north and visit Bergen for a trip to the epic fjords of Norway and to experience adrenaline-pumping activities in the region. Explore Stockholm and see Sweden’s medieval lanes and low soaring spires as they sweep the skyline of this Scandinavian capital.

Cruises also often visit Finland, where the architecture, natural beauty and cultural hub is a melting pot of magical possibility. Iceland leads to a fascinating and majestic landscape, comprising vast glaciers and incredible geothermal springs.

You'll find a wide choice of cruise lines offering cruises in Scandinavia, many sailing from the UK, and each offering something different. Here at, our expert Cruise Concierge team are on hand to help you plan your perfect cruise holiday, so please give us a call to see how we can assist.


The natural beauty of the Norwegian Fjords is unparalleled and this majestic landscape draws hordes of visitors to Norway’s scenic shores. The spectacular natural landscape makes hiking, cycling, rock climbing and other outdoor pursuits particularly popular in the region, attracting thrill-seekers from across the world to these beautiful fjords. Some of Norway’s most popular ports include the nation’s capital of Oslo and cultural hub of Bergen, alongside many smaller destinations which act as gateways to the Norwegian fjords, such as Flaam, Alesund, Geiranger and Kristiansund. Further north, the Arctic region of Svalbard is a joy to explore, from its dramatic icy plains to its quaint and charming towns and settlements.


The largest of the Scandinavian nations, Sweden shares a border with Norway and Finland. This friendly and popular country boasts a wealth of wonderful ports along its beautiful coastline, including the capital city of Stockholm. This inner city is spread across 14 islands connected by over 50 bridges, generating a distinctive and enchanting ambience across the metropolis. The city is brimming with historic monuments, fascinating museums and excellent viewpoints across the surrounding regions. Other marvellous Swedish ports include the scenic cities of Visby and Gothenburg, and the welcoming towns of Halmstad and Helsingborg.


Denmark is a striking country with a proud heritage, and a cruise to this marvellous nation is a fantastic way to appreciate the region’s culture. Copenhagen is Denmark’s world-famous capital and the city is a hub of culture, entertainment and shopping. It also boasts a blend of historic and contemporary architecture, alongside a host of great museums celebrating the city’s long and illustrious past. Outside of Copenhagen, Denmark offers a plethora of ports to visit on a cruise holiday, from the charming town of Ronne on the island of Bornholm, to the ruggedly beautiful landscape of Skagen – the nation’s northernmost town. Cruises to the Faroe Islands – which are part of the Kingdom of Denmark – are also available, calling in the stunning port of Torshavn.


Although Finland is not officially part of Scandinavia, this spectacular Nordic nation is often strongly associated with the region and is usually included as part of Northern European and Scandinavian cruise itineraries. Helsinki is Finland’s main port and capital city, boasting a combination of scenic areas of natural beauty alongside both modern and historic architecture. Notable sightseeing opportunities across Helsinki include the imposing Parliament Buildings, the Church in the Rock and Uspenski Cathedral. Some of Finland’s other popular cruise destinations include the capital of the Finnish Aland Islands Mariehamn, the medieval city of Turku and cultural hub of Vaasa, each of which offer their own range of unique sightseeing possibilities and attractions appealing to all types of travellers.


Iceland is a unique and exciting Nordic nation, situated to the north west of the UK in the North Atlantic Ocean. This fascinating country has a distinctive and majestic landscape comprised of vast glaciers and incredible geothermal springs – a natural phenomenon found in very few other places on Earth. Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik is one of the nation’s most frequently featured cruise destinations due to its abundance of both natural and man-made attractions. From the parks, gardens and geothermal spas that give the nation its unique charm, to historic buildings and interesting museums which celebrate the country’s past, there is something in Reykjavik for every kind of traveller.

Popular ports

Sweden´s capital, Stockholm, spans 14 islands linked by 57 bridges and is a popular cruise port due to the area´s charm, from the cobblestone streets and historical landmarks to its pristine forests. Denmark´s capital, Copenhagen, is also commonly featured within European cruise itineraries, with its fascinating historic centre, beautiful architecture and rich culture. Helsinki, Finland, is a quaint capital boasting various museums and ornate buildings, and Iceland´s Reykjavik, Europe´s northernmost and westernmost capital, has a small population of roughly 190,000 people and there is plenty of character to entice you, as well as the obvious appeal of rugged natural landscapes surrounding the city. You can even go whale watching!

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