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Cruises to Russia

Vast Russia offers a great choice of cruise experiences - from the rich history of the Baltic capitals, to the St Petersburg to the remote volcanic islands like Atlasovo north of Japan.

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St petersburg
St Petersburg

A hugely popular destination on Baltic cruises, St Petersburg is the definitive imperial Russian city. Ornate period buildings, golden domes and vast art collections – this was the side of Russia that was exposed to the wealth and fashion of European high society. The city’s most popular attractions include the State Hermitage Museum, home to more than three million artworks and artefacts; the magnificent Peterhof Palace, otherwise known as the Russian Versailles; and the bright studded domes of the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood. You won’t want to miss a tour of the famous city metro either – decorated with palatial pillars, classical paintings and bright chandeliers.


A world away from grandiose St Petersburg is the city of Arkhangelsk, on Russia’s far northern coast. Once Russia’s only trading sea port, Arkhangelsk is home to some beautiful wooden churches and a rich tradition of Pomor culture. The city has more of a Nordic feel than other Russian destinations, and beyond its war memorials and religious buildings you’ll find a great tradition of arts and crafts. This is the place to glimpse another side to Russia, with an open-air museum dedicated to some impressive wooden building techniques – plus the opportunity to try a taste of the Pomor culture yourself, with freshly-caught fish and locally brewed beer on offer around the city.


The last city to be founded as part of the Russian empire, Murmansk lies east of Finland and offers a great choice of attractions for travellers in Russia’s northern reaches. If you’re sightseeing in the city you won’t miss the enormous war memorial statue, the Alyosha Monument, commemorating Russian lives lost during the Second World War. Other attractions include the city’s fine arts museum and naval museum, the domed churches of St Nicholas and the Saviour on Waters, as well as a number of regional theatres dedicated to traditional folklore and puppet theatre.


A cruise in the Black Sea could show you a very different side to Russia, sailing to the popular port of Sochi in the far south. This is a lusher, greener Russia; a sunny resort city with beaches, mountain forests and family-friendly attractions like parks, gardens, wildlife centres and even waterfalls and cable car tours. Other big tourist draws include the city’s bustling promenade, the ornate gardens of Ordzhonikidze Resort, and the Fisht Stadium where the 2014 Winter Olympics took place. If you’re feeling more active and you’d like to get into the Olympic spirit, Sochi is a great ski resort – and also home to some elegant shops, restaurants and hotels along the sea front.


Out on Siberia’s extreme northeast, the Chukchi village of Lorino is part of an autonomous region that lies close to Alaska’s western coast. This is civilisation at its most remote; a traditional village all but cut off from the world. Lorino is home to just over a thousand inhabitants who still live mainly by hunting, fishing and reindeer herding along rocky shores and untouched tundra. Visitors here may have the chance to see the natural hot springs close by, or see Chukchi performers dressed in traditional beads and furs.

Secluded ports

Depending on your cruise itinerary, a Russian voyage can become an expedition to some of the most secluded spots around the Bering Sea and the Arctic Circle. You could tour remote industrial towns like Provideniya, home to outlying traditional tribes; experience Gabriela Bay and Cape Navarin, for the silent seas of the continent’s far northeast; see golden-domed church spires and colourful homes in Anadyr; or sail by the frozen hills of snowy Big Diomede Island in the Bering Sea, mere miles from Alaska’s Bering Land Bridge National Preserve.

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