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Why cruise in May?

Our wide range of May cruises offers plenty of variety in terms of length and destination to ensure you can find your perfect voyage. Whether you want tropical sun, natural landscapes or a place with fascinating history, May is a prime time to travel to some of the world’s most iconic cities.

Explore the Mediterranean in May

Cruises around the Mediterranean are particularly popular in May, including a great range of options travelling to both eastern and western regions. Visit Croatia and explore the Dalmatian Coast, enjoy tapas in Spain or head to Italy and admire the Vatican Museums and some of the world’s greatest art collections. Cruising around the Mediterranean in May offers a range of culturally immersive destinations during some of the warmest temperatures of the year.

The Caribbean in May

The Caribbean also continues to be a popular destination throughout the month of May, despite the region entering its wet season. You can still enjoy hot weather visiting the islands, relaxing on some of the most serene beaches in the world. Experience the tropical paradise of islands such as Antigua, Barbados, Saint Lucia and more with plenty of scope for either a lengthy break or a mini-cruise if that's what you'd prefer.

Where else to sail in May?

May is also one of the best months to visit Alaska, a stunning region with amazing sights as well as plenty of interesting history. Take a cruise from the west coast of the USA and see what remains of the gold rush era and local tribes, along with many wildlife species in their natural habitats, including brown bears and bald eagles.

Voyage to other regions of the world with a selection of itineraries including South America, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, Africa and the Far East, offering an array of options when you come to book your May getaway.

Explore Northern Europe and take your pick from destinations including Norway, the Baltics and beyond. Witness the magnificence of the epic fjords in Norway or the enchanting fairy tale buildings in Estonia during your May cruise.

Booking your May cruise

Browse through our selection of May 2022 and May 2023 cruises, to get further details on which itineraries are currently available. We've provided more information here too, but please feel free to call our team who'll be happy to save you the effort and help you find your dream cruise holiday.

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